Can the organ blow you out of your mind?

A crazy theme for next Toulouse les Orgues Festival

Can the organ blow you out of your mind? Such is the the intriguing theme of the 22nd international Festival Toulouse les Orgues which will take place from the 4th till 15th October 2017.

Enigmatic, extravagant, powerful… The organ transports the audience to a multitude of imaginary worlds bringing passionate people together. Organ enthusiasts amongst whom, the organist, in suspension, conducts the extraordinary instrument-orchestra, the organ-builders, brilliant inventors who conceived their instruments challenging technology, amateurs who know all about the specificities of the instruments, those who travel around the world to play or listen to instruments with unique sonorities… The organ and its music, subjects of passionate quests!

A delicate frenzy to enjoy throughout the musical programmes: baroque folia, mad songs, the works of imaginative, extravagant, prodigious or tormented composers, the Crazy Night… In addition to these events, a cinema screening with live music, a fascinating performance "Le Monde à l’envers" ("The world upside down"), an unprecedented disclosure of three organs in the shape of a table, a closing concert with Toulouse brass band and jazz organist Barbara Dennerlein, a day dedicated to the Catalonia region…

Another highlight of the Festival is the 12th International Xavier Darasse Organ Competition. Every three years, the final and semi-final are opportunities to listen to today’s young talented organists and vote for one’s favourite candidate.
2017 Festival is a showcase of forty events during which the audience are invited to experience a whirlwind of musical folly in "the" city of the organ, with Toulouse most beautiful organs including that of Saint-Sernin returned to its former glory after several months of restoration.

©Photo Thomas Guillin - Orgue de la basilique Saint-Sernin