An exceptional competition !

The competition was created in 1981 by Xavier Darasse (1934-1992), an iconic figure on the French organ scene. For the new millennium, Michel Bouvard and Jan Willem Jansen have developed an entirely new concept, allowing the artists more freedom :

Come and perform the concert of your choice, on the organ of your choice !

To participate:

  • send us your proposal for a concert programme*, together with audio extracts, before 15 April 2013.
  • come to Toulouse on 10-11 October 2013 (if you are one of the 12 people shortlisted as semi-finalists) to defend your project before the Grand Jury by playing extracts from the programme.
  • perform your entire concert on 15-16 October 2013 (if you are one of the 4 people chosen as finalists), as a part of the prestigious 18th International Toulouse les Orgues Festival.

    *: 50 minutes of music for a concert duration of one hour. For candidates wishing to include improvisations, or works requiring the participation of other musicians, these parts must not exceed 20 minutes of the programme.

Prizes :
1st prize : €6000
2nd prize : €4000
3rd prize : €2000
4th prize : €1000
At their own discretion, the other Festival Directors may invite any candidates to perform at their festivals.

22 internationally-renowned figures, including the directors of several festivals, form the Grand Jury :

The pré-selection jury
Michel Bouvard / France
Jürgen Essl / Germany
Jan Willem Jansen / France
Yves Rechsteiner / Suisse
Pascale Rouet / France

The grand jury
Michel Bouvard and Jan Willem Jansen, présidents / France
Roberto Antonello / Italy
Per Bonsaksen / Norway
Maurizio Croci / Switzerland
Hans-Ola Ericsson / Sweden
Jean Ferrard / Belgium
Jose Luis Gonzales-Uriol / Spain
Makiko Hayashima / Japan
David Higgs / United State
Reinhard Jaud / Austria
Theo Jellema / Netherlands
Albrecht Koch / Germany
Susan Landale / England
Johan Luymes / Netherlands
Denis Milhau / France
Kristian Olesen / Denmark
Louis Robilliard / France
Pascale Rouet / France
Pieter Van Dijk / Netherlands
Joao Vaz / Portugal
Joris Verdin / Belgium