Albrecht Koch

Albrecht Koch was born in Dresden in 1976 and raised in the musical tradition of the Dresden Kreuzchor Boy’s Choir, where he was prefect. After secondary school, he studied church music in Leipzig, and went on to specialize in choir conducting. Among his teachers were Arvid Gast (organ) and Morten Schuldt-Jensen (conducting). Koch went on to perfect his craft by attending master-class with great musicians such as Roy Goodman, Ewald Kooiman, Lars-Ulrik Mortensen and Hans Fagius. Early on, he developed an interest and started studying aspects of historical performance. From 2004, he was Church Music Director and Titular Organist at Saint-John’s in the town of Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg).

In 2008, he was appointed Church Music Director and Titular Organist of the Cathedral of Freiberg in Saxony, thus entrusted to perform regularly on one of the most outstanding organs of the Baroque era Gottfried Silbermann’s Great Organ from 1711/14. Koch conducts the Cathedral Choir and the Cathedral Children’s Choir, he organizes the cathedral concert series, in which he also performs regularly as organist and as conductor : with ca. thirty-five annual recitals, a great number of religious services with special music and up to 400 annual organ performances for Cathedral tours, Albrecht Koch helps ensure the standing of Freiberg Cathedral as one of the outstanding musical venues in all of Saxony.

In 2010, Koch was elected President of the Gottfried Silbermann Society ; at the same time, he serves as Artistic Director of the Gottfried Silbermann Festival held in Freiberg and its surroundings. He also represents Freiberg in the organization “European Cities of Historical Organs” (ECHO). Apart from his manifold activities in Freiberg Cathedral, Koch makes regular appearances as organist and as conductor in Germany and abroad. His artistic output is documented in recordings for radio (MDRLeipzig, Deutschlandradio, Radio France), in CD releases and in filmed productions.