Guillermo Pérez

Tasto Solo, direction

Born in Barcelona (Spain), musical director and researcher, Guillermo Pérez is an internationally recognized organetto player developing an unusual career in the field of early music. His interest in the instrumental repertoires from the XIVth and XVth centuries led to the foundation and artistic direction of Tasto Solo.

During the past teen years, he has been working regularly with prestigious specialized ensembles including Mala Punica, Micrologus, The Unicorn Ensemble and Diabolus in Musica, recording CDs for Naïve, Ricercar, Zig-Zag Territoires, Passacaille, Aeon, RaumKlang, Ligia and Pneuma labels as well as for radio broadcasting and television. He has performed in most part of European festivals and concerts venues.

Living in France since 2002, he’s currently teaching medieval music and organetto performance in Toulouse-Le Mirail University and the Centre Itinérant de Recherche sur les Musiques Anciennes in Moissac. As a fellow of the Güell Foundation, he follows the programme “Ars Nova in Europe” researching and preparing new articles about the Robertsbridge, Buxheimer and Lochamer manuscripts. He also lectures and offers workshops at main institutions including the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Vienna and Moscow Conservatoires.

At present, Guillermo Pérez is developing new soloist projects, working on late medieval keyboard schools and expanding the organetto repertoires until the early Renaissance period.

Guillermo Pérez’s website