Jean-Claude Guidarini

Jean-Claude Guidarini studied organ at the Conservatoire National de Région in Toulouse, with Jan-Willem Jansen and Michel Bouvard in whose class he obtained a gold medal.

Although he is interested in all types of music, his predilection goes to the XIXth century pieces and instruments. He published several facsimile editions and re-editions of organ pieces and works from this period. Also interested in the choir and organ music, he plays regularly with the Tarragone Universitat Rovira I Virgili choir, conduced by Montserrat Rios Hevia.

Those activities, together with the variety of his programmes and his registration science lead him to be invited in many organ events, in France and abroad (concerts in Germany, Canada, Spain and Italy). He recorded for French and Catalan televisions, and also recoded a disc on the organ of the Catholic Institute of Toulouse. His strong interest in organ building lead him to work during three years at the Gabinetto Restauri Organo, in the Pitti Palace, Florence. His skills in this field often make him collaborate with organ builders, and take part in organ restoration or building projects. In 2001, he carried out an exposition on the Théodore Puget, Père et Fils organ builders from Toulouse. Jean-Claude Guidarini is preparing a book on this family of organ builders.

Jean-Claude Guidarini is in charge of the pedagogic management of the music school of La Salvetat Saint Gilles and artistic manager of the « Moments musicaux de Notre Dame du Taur » concert series. He is organist in charge (titulaire) of the Eugène PUGET grand organ in Notre-Dame du Taur church in Toulouse.