Luciano Bibiloni

Director Control Maîtrise of the Saint-Etienne’s cathedral of Toulouse / Choeur Toulouse Garonne, direction

Born in Plata (Argentina), Luciano Bibiloni returns in the musical universe at four years by the choir singing. During his childhood he exerted with the piano, the violin, the song and the guitar. He improved with the best professors of the country : Susana Rome for the piano, Roberto Régio for the violin and the viola, and Reynaldo Censabella for the voice.

He studies the composition and the musical direction at the National University of Plata since 1995, while keeping an occupation in the world of the musical direction and interpretation, primarily in Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires, and Teatro Argentino at his birthplace.

After obtaining his university diploma of professor, he leaves his country to enrich his formation in Spain, with the compositor Josep Soler, and in France, mainly with the CNSM of Paris. He obtains diplomas of improvement in direction choral society (Diploma of higher musical studies - DEMS) at the CNR of Paris in the class of Patrick Marco, orchestration and analyzes with Alain Louvier and old music with Olivier Trachier. After studies of song in the Academy Darius Milhaud in Paris, he improves his voice with Guy Flechter.

Since his arrival in France, Luciano Bibiloni had a place in the world of the music choral society and orchestral, first of all while directing within movement “A Heart Joy” various sets of young people and adults, as well as regional projects of multiple federations choral societies (Western Paris - Yvelines, Provence, Alsace).

He follows on his experiments with high level whole Vocal ensemble ( Mixtures, Ensemble Andantino, Choeur of the Orchestra Column, etc...) and he will work regularly with the Choir of Paris, whith Patrick Marco as the musical director, during three years. He was a professor of choir singing in several academies of Paris and its area, in particular the National School of Music of Bourg-la-Reine. He makes regularly performances as a tenor soloist, in the world of the oratorio and the opera in concert.

He directs multiple orchestral sets (Sinfonieta of Paris, Europa Musa, the Gallant Muses, the Musicians of Miss de Guise, Badgodesberg Kantatenorchester, etc…) by also ensuring the artistic direction (Symphony orchestra of the Val-de-Marne, Mont Blancs Orchestra Festival).

Since 2009, Luciano Bibiloni is the musical and artistic director Control Maîtrise of the Saint-Etienne’s cathedral of Toulouse.

In 2011, it takes also the direction of the very new choir “Toulouse Garonne”, created following the dissolution of the regional choir.