Stéphane Bois

After entering the National Academy for the region of Toulouse in 1991 in Michel Bouvard’s organ class, Stéphane Bois won the gold medal with unanimous approbation and congratulations from the jury. In the same year, he passed the enrance exam to the National Academy of Highter Studies for Music in Lyon in Jean Boyer’s class, and in 1997 he received his Diploma in Highter Studies for the organ with a first class pass accorded unanimously by the jury.

Stéphane Bois heid the position of organist at the Saint-Etienne cathédral in Toulouse until 2004 and he currently holds the post of great Link organist at the Mirepoix cathedral. He divides his activities between teaching the organ at the Institute of Sacred Music in Toulouse, the organ class at the National Academy of Toulouse and at the School of Music in Pamiers (Ariège) of which he has been the director since september 2001. Both vice president and artistic director, he strives for the safeguarding and restoration of the great Link organ at the Saint-Maurice cathedral.

In 1998, he also made an album as a solist Autour de la Fantaisie Romantique on the great Gérard Bancells’ organ of the Catholic Institute of Toulouse. This album is devoted to the major works of Boëly, Saint-Saëns, Liszt and Brahms and has been unanimously acclaimed by critics.