Jean-Claude Guidarini

Jean-Claude Guidarini studied the organ at the National Conservatory of Toulouse with Jan Willem Jansen and Michel Bouvard.
Attracted by all the music styles, he clearly prefers the repertoire and the instruments from the 19th century and from the early 20th century. He published several editions in facsimile and republications of organ pieces or works from this period.
The eclectic choice of its programs and his capacity to enhance an instrument both have helped him to be the guest of numerous events with organs, in France and abroad.
He collaborates regularly with organ builders and participates to the elaboration of projects of restoration or construction of organs. He has worked for three years within Gabinetto restauro organi of the Palace Pitti in Florence. As being fascinated by the Factory of organs Théodore Puget of Toulouse, he is preparing a work about this one. Jean-Claude Guidarini is an organist of the Eugène Puget organ in the church Notre-Dame du Taur in Toulouse.

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