Loriane Llorca

Loriane Llorca started her musical studies at her very young age at Pau’s conservatory. She first started to learn the piano, and then the organ with Jesus Martin Moro. She is now studying this instrument in Toulouse’s conservatory with Stéphane Bois, Michel Bouvard and Jan Willem Jansen, and she also gets into studying the fortepiano with Yasuko Uyama-Bouvard.

Having accomplished an undergraduate studies of musicology at the Sorbonne university, in her music she mixes theory and practice, tradition and modernity.
Passionate about this large repertoire of musical styles and having an eclectic style herself, Loriane Llorca defends an important variety of work and sets out to prove the great musical potential of the organ.
 She shares with great pleasure in concerts with soloists, and accompagnies regularly singers, ensembles and instrumentalists with hapiness.

Involved in contemporary music, Loriane Llorca takes part in the creation of contemporary work.
She won her conservatory organ prize in july 2015 with a distinction.

©Isabelle Llorca