Plapla Pinky

Originally from the south of France , Plapla Pinky is an electronic duet influenced by the primitive aesthetics of techno , the extreme contrasts of Noise music as well as baroque and religious music .
In 2011 , they release their first eponymous EP on the french-japanese label Sonore . In 2014, “Succession” is the result of research in the field of baroque music . Constructed like a mixtape of their favorite tunes of the genre, this singular piece pays homage to the modernity and emotional power of that era.
In 2015 , they found the music label Choral , and release "Appel" , a techno record which use organ as a primary material .
Aside Plapla Pinky ,Maxime Denuc studies musicology at Paris-Sorbonne University and composes music for contemporary dance and instrumental ensembles . Raphael Henard is graduated from la Fémis , the French national school of Cinema , he composes sound for installations and movies as well as he plays noise performances.

Plapla Pinky : Artiste SHAPE. Dans le cadre du programme Europe Creative financé par l’Union Européenne

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