Sébastien Wonner

Sébastien Wonner studied the harpsichord with A. Zylberajch and M. Gester. He is also an organist, having received his training from A. Stricker and C. Mantoux.
His interest in improvisation led him to seek the guidance of and work with F. Eichelberger. He also benefited from the lessons of P. Hantaï.
His tastes often lead him to perform the music of the seventeenth century and vocal music with such ensembles as La Chapelle Rhénane, Les Witches, Akadêmia with which he has recorded several discs on the K617, Alpha, and Zig-Zag labels. A new disc dedicated to harpsichord music by Sweelinck has been released to noteworthy praise. He also plays with Doulce Mémoire and Les Sacqueboutiers.
He seeks diversity of experience above all, on all sorts of instruments (including historical organs, and clavichords), and often in seldom played repertories. His travels have seen him perform in South America, Japan, and Europe. He teaches the harpsichord in the Conservatoire of Tours.

© Jean-Pierre Rosenkranz