Xano Juan Martinez Aparici

Born in 1977 in Valencia, Juan had a strong experience in metal construction in the familial business. Passionate by electronic music, he organized many music events and accompanied music band as light and sound technician. Then, he integrated a video school to learn graphic animation and digital image creation. In 2010, he moved to Toulouse to realize video projects with circus artists. At the same time, Juan began to realize video mapping installations and vjing sets. In 2012, he created Le Proyectarium to fully dedicate himself to this artistic discipline.
With his background in construction, scenic and video techniques and his influences from street art, electronic music, digital art and Open Source culture, he now realizes workshops, plastic works and installations for Le Proyectarium. At the same time, he creates scenography for many clubs and festivals, video mapping and vjing sets, and manage technical aspects for several cultural events and structures.