Ensemble Sultan Veled

Ensemble Sultan Veled is composed of five musicians whishing to participate to the the Ottoman Sufi music preservation. It pays tribute to Mevlâna Celaleddîn Rûmi’s son: Behaeddîn Veled (1226-1312) better known under the name of Sultan Veled (the Sultan of the mystic). As it tries to rekindle the tekke vibes (dervish convents) of the Ottoman Empire, the group has developed a musical repertoire of Sufi songs accompanying the rites of the whirling dervishes and the divine names invocation ceremonies. The musicians form part of this Group practice their instrument at a professional level and could occur in prestigious places such as the Theater of the City of Paris, the Opera of Cairo, the Festival of Art and Dance of Grenada, the international Festival of mugham of Baku and the international Music festival of Istanbul. In 2007, Adrien Espinouze, the group’s music director was invited by the Istanbul municipality in order to participate to the international meeting ney players for the 800th birthday of Mevlâna Celaleddîn Rûmi.

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