Ensemble vocal Unité

The ensemble vocal Unité, comprising 25 experienced singers, was founded in 1999 by Christian Nadalet, a professional baritone, educator and orchestral conductor. Under his exacting and watchful direction, every choir member is encouraged to explore and extend his vocal capacities, guaranteeing the quality of the ensemble. Originally specialising in the re-discovery of forgotten masterpieces from the period 1850 to 1950, the choir has expanded its repertoire, bringing its vocal amplitude to the interpretation of great classical and romantic works and to programmes based around opera. The ensemble vocal Unité also tackles contemporary music, including original compositions and incursions into the world of jazz.
The ensemble vocal Unité is regularly invited to perform at festivals such as Eclats de Voix, the Rencontres musicales of Savoy, Voix Croisées at Escalquens and les Nuits musicales of Trie sur Baïse. Jazz in Marciac, the famous jazz festival held annually in the Gers region of France, is also an enthusiastic supporter of the choir.

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