Jean-Marc Andrieu

Orchestre Les Passions, direction

Jean-Marc Andrieu initiated his musical education at the Conservatory of Toulouse where he rapidly obtained first prizes in recorder, chamber music and music theory. Continuing his studies in musicology and his passion for ancient music, he left to perfect his skills at the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam. He holds Certificates of Aptitude in recorder playing, choral conducting and academy direction (The Music Conservatory of Montauban since 1991).
In 1986 he created in Toulouse a Baroque instrument ensemble whose notoriety has grown throughout the years and which would eventually become Les Passions in 2003. His dual competence as an orchestra chef and a choir director leads him to frequently direct concerts and recordings of baroque or choral music in France and abroad.
Although his repertory as director of Les Passions covers all aspects of Baroque music, he is considered one of the world’s specialists in musicology research, restitution and interpretation of southern France composers.

Copyright photo © Joyce Vanderfesteen