László Fassang

As winner of the world’s most prestigious organ competitions and awards, László Fassang is one of the most versatile organists of his generation. The focus of his activities comprises the learning and spreading of classical organ literature. To this end he performs all over the world, teaching and giving public lectures in the course of which he tries to bring his pupils and audiences ever closer to the versatility of the organ and the richness of its literature. He considers the preservation and professional maintenance of historical organs to be important and plays an active part in doing so.
As an improvising artist with exceptional abilities coupled as a keyboard player his interest spreads from the harpsichord to the fortepiano, and from the piano all the way to the Hammond organ. As well as playing in classical chamber formations he regularly participates in world music and jazz performances.
He graduated with distinction from the Liszt Academy of Music and the Paris Conservatoire. Taking a year away from studies, in 2000 he spent a year in Japan, where he was the resident organist of the Sapporo Concert Hall. Among his competitive triumphs stand out the 2002 Calgary Gold Medal for improvisation and the interpretation Grand Prix and the audience prize of the 2004 Chartres competition. Between 2004 and 2008 he taught improvisation at the San Sebastian College of Music, followed by an organ teaching position at the Liszt Academy in Budapest. Alongside his pedagogical activities he is a regular panel member at international organ competitions and performs in Europe, North America and the Far East, besides which his records have appeared in Hungary,Japan, France and Germany. He is the artistic director of the organ concert series at the Palace of Arts in Budapest. In 2006 his accomplishments were acknowledged with the Liszt Prize and the Prima Prize, while in 2013 he was recognized with the Gramofon Award. Since 2014 he has been teaching keyboard improvisation at the Paris Conservatoire.

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