Les deux Andalousies

When he was fourteen, Marc LOOPUYT caught once the irresistible call of flamnco through the spanish guitar. At eighteen he settled in Granada for learning it and some years later, he was studying the Oriental lute in Fes. He went then to Turkey and Azerbaïdjan for several years but never forgot his first musical love with the Flamenco.
So, he founded the “Two Andalucias” musical group. The Moroccan singer and violin player is Abdellatif Bouzbiba born in a family originated in Fes in which the traditional singing was living every day. Just as Lorenzo Ruiz born in Granada who learnt from his father and from the whole district of Albaïcin. He first appeared as a dancer and then as a flamenco singer fond and full of ancient styles. Thomas Loopuyt born in Fes, learnt from his father first and then explored his own musical grounds in Orient. They all will meet Thilo Müster’s organ knowledge in the free embelishmentof traditional arabo-andalusian nouba sung by Abdellatif or in the Misa flamenco( flamenco mass) sung by Lorenzo.
The two andalucias group : two musical geniuses melt in the very simple pot of Andalucia, a bridge in between two continents with the salt of two seas. _

Copyright photo © Patrick Vincent