Wenchung Jiang

Wenchun Jiang was born in 1988 in the province of Kiangsu in China. She began her musical studies when she was three.
In 2001, she studied at the music institute of Shanghai. She played the piano and the electronic organ. During this period, she participated to the electronic organ competition in England and she won the first prize of the teenager section. In 2007, she began playing the organ at the academy of Oberlin in the United States.
In order to get the best studies of organ, she came to France and studied at the CRR of Angers in the classroom of Johann Vexo from 2008. Then, she integrated the CNR of Toulouse with the professors Jan Willem Jansen and Michel Bouvard, where she obtained her DEM.
In September 2011, she was admitted to the CNSMD of Lyon in the classroom of François Espinasse and Liesbeth Schlumberger. She is the first Chinese organist to be admitted to the CNSM of France.

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