Samuel Freiburghaus

Samuel Freiburghaus took clarinet lessons with Thomas Friedli. It was a question of love at first sight when he heard a band from Romania at the beginning of the 1980s. From that moment onwards he was captivated by Balkan music.
In 1985 he set up his own band, Randolina, making concert tours together with the Moldavian, Nina Munteanu. He has also made a guest appearance with Musique Simili and Nomad’s Land. In 2001 he moved to a much more committed group, Chef dé Kef.
Subsequent concerts took place at international clarinet festivals, such as at Glomel in Brittany, Santander in Spain and in Martinique in the Caribbean. He also made a tour to Beijing and Shanghai with the Group Zimbl. As a soloist he has been invited three times to the World Congress of Taragot Players in Vaja in Hungary and to the Timisoara Festival in Romania.
In 2011/2012 he performed with Trio Samovili and made a guest appearance with Aliev-Blechorchestar and Caravane4. 
In 2012 he started his current Trio Amal
From 2012-2014 he made concert tours with Thilo Muster, which has resulted in a well-coordinated duo.

Copyright photo © Myrien Barth & Timo Schaub