Axelle Verner

Dancer, designer and curious mind, it is through these differents traits that Axelle VERNER entertain her singing skils. With a scholarpath split between studies and her arts pratice, she entered the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon within the class for ancient singing music, where Isabelle GERMAIN taught her the genesis of this art.

She regularly performs as a soloist with several ensemble : Alkymia, Capella Sanctae Crucis, Athénaïs, La Chapelle Harmonique, Vox Cantoris and also Zefiro Torna. She currently works on the directory of H.KAPSBERGER within Bach Academy with Les Kapsber’girls, intresting mix of voice technique from classic and conservative sources.

Axelle VERNER also participats in the recording of several discs as a soloist with the ensemble Athenaïs and the Capella Sanctae Crucis

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