Barbara Dennerlein

Born in Munich in 1964, Barbara Dennerlein began playing the organ at eleven years old. A few years later, she performed regularly in local jazz clubs, before being later elevated to the rank of the world’s greatest organists.

Swing, bebop, blues, soul, latin and funk - for Barbara there are no rigid boundaries, only fluid transitions. Audiences are captivated by her talent, her absolute mastery of the instrument, her taste, and not least, her warm personality. The B3, it would seem, is a seamless extension of herself. She understands better than anyone how to exploit her instrument to the full, creating a sound and a musical style that is unmistakably "Barbara Dennerlein". Her brilliant technique has breathed new life into the venerable Hammond organ, an instrument long neglected in modern jazz. She can rightfully claim to have paved the way for the organ’s current renaissance in jazz.

Whether playing the B3 or the pipe organ; whether playing solo, or in duo, trio, quartet, quintet, or even with full orchestra backup, Barbara Dennerlein is in a class of her own; she is without question the First Lady of the organ.

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