Brass Band de Toulouse

It was thanks to the impetus of René Giles Rousselot, Paul Millisher, Sylvain Picard and Jean-Guy Olive, the band leader, that the Toulouse Brass Band’s story began in 2005.

The band is made up of 33 members from different backgrounds; musicians from the Orchestre du Capitol, amateur musicians, music teachers from the Conservatoire de Toulouse and music schools from across the Midi-Pyrénées region. The band’s musicians put all their energy, passion and talent into what is a unique and passionate musical adventure.

Since its’ creation, the Toulouse Brass Band has addressed a broad repertoire; symphonic transcriptions, film scores and original pieces. During this time the history of the band has been marked with moments of intense emotion such as the collaboration with Fabrice Millicher on Etienne Perouchon’s “Libretto” for trombone solo and brass band, the gala concert at the « Cuivrée Spéciale » Festival with Steven Mead, the recording of a first CD “Envol” and many other concerts in the most prestigious venues of the region.

Toulouse Brass Band contributes greatly to the development and notoriety of brass and percussion instruments and music with the region’s youth by participating in concerts and workshops.

Toulouse Brass Band is managed by an association “Comm’un accord” whose precious work facilitates the development of the band.

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