Michel Bignens

Michel Bignens is born and lived in Vevey up to the late summer 2012. His new home is now located in Saxon, Canton of Valais. He studied music theory, organ and harpsichord in Lausanne and Geneva conservatoires. Since 1974 he’s the holder organist in several churches around the City of Vevey. Michel Bignens teaches theory, counterpoint and harmony on a regular basis in Lausanne. He gives courses and concerts in Switzerland and neighbour countries.

From 1984, he practicies manichordion – his favorite instrument – on a daily basis. This very specific instrument is also called « clavicorde » in French after an add-on of the Diderot & D’Alembert encyclopedia.

He does improvise willingly at the church of course, but not only. He produces his own compositions when he has time.

When he was studying, he has been particularly attracted by keyboard music dating before 1630. Since that time, he makes this repertory his speciality. But, as a professionnal musician, he always adapts his music to the building time of the instruments he plays with.

Beside music, Michel Bignens is a true contemplative individual. He likes to observe the nature in general, insects in particular like grasshoppers and locusts; these two animals have a very specific yell. Finally, he likes spiders, especially the Salticidae jumping spiders’ family, in order to inspire his playing technique.

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