Jean-Pierre Canihac

Les Sacqueboutiers, direction

After his trumpet studies in Toulouse, Versailles, and Paris with Maurice André, Jean-Pierre Canihac has been appointed professor at the Toulouse National Conservatory since 1972.

During this period he became interested in the practice of ancient instruments and started investigating on the relevant early technique for these instruments.

He founded in 1976 the early brass ensemble “Les Sacqueboutiers”.

He is presently teaching the Cornett and ancient music in several early music international academies, such as : Saintes, Barcelona, Genève, Daroca, Oxford, Madison (USA)...

In addition to the concerts given within the ensemble “Les Sacqueboutiers”, he plays the cornett as a soloist with many international baroque ensembles, conducted by Jordi Savall, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Michel Corboz, René Clemencic, William Christie, Andrew Parrott, Philippe Herreweghe, Gabriel Garrido… He participated in various recordings with these institutions as well as with the ensemble “Les Sacqueboutiers”.

He was appointed cornett professor in 1989 at the National Superior Conservatory of Lyon (Early Music Department), and in 2001 at the Superior School of Music of Catalunya, in Barcelona.

In 2006, he organised an international symposium on early brass music instruments as a celebration.