Jean-Luc Ho

From a very young age, Jean-Luc Ho has had a passion for early keyboard instruments: he began learning the harpsichord at the age of 8 before starting to learn the organ and then the clavichord. A laureate of the Conservatoire de Paris in 2006 (First prizes for harpsichord with Olivier Baumont and for basso continuo with Blandine Rannou), he was influenced by the teaching of Blandine Verlet.

Dear and many are the friends – postmen, researchers, musicians, artisans – who facilitate and inspire his work daily. He enjoys the complicity found in duos with Raphaële Kennedy (soprano), Lucile Richardot (mezzo-soprano), Anne-Marie Blondel (organs), Louis Créac’h and Guillaume Rebinguet-Sudre (violin).

His interest in the making of instruments and in period instruments brought him into contact with prestigious stages and collections of instruments where he was invited to give recitals. He is one of the initiators of the project ‘The Art of the Fugue’, which seeks to install and highlight a Spanish organ dating from 1768 in the church of Saint-Eloi de Fresnes (94).

His first harpsichord recording was devoted to Bach and Couperin and was released by L’Encelade in 2011.

Copyright photo ©E.Dauchy