Guus Janssen

Guus Janssen (1951) studied piano and composition at the Sweelinck Academy of Music in Amsterdam. His music is difficult to categorize. It can be a composed improvisation (Brake for pianosolo) or an improvised composition (parts from his Violin Concerto or his opera Noach). Music is like life itself, sometimes it asks for fast decisions and sometimes it needs to be thought over a lot.
As a pianist, harpsichordist or organ player he performed in various groupings with musicians from John Zorn to Gidon Kremer. His compositions range from solo pieces to symphonic work and opera. Janssen was honoured with the Johan Wagenaar Award for his whole oeuvre.
The jury of the Adriaan Roland Holst Award which he received in 2015 praises “the flexibility of Janssen as improviser, his enthusiasm as composer and performing musician and his curiosity to new froms of music and combination of idioms”.

©Francesca Patella