Institute Catholic’s organ (Chapelle Sainte-Claire chapel)

Gérard Bancells, 1994

This instrument was entirely imagined, designed and harmonised by the organ-builder Gérard Bancells between 1991 and 1994. It has 27 stops spread over two keyboards and a pedal board. The case has a resolutely contemporary style, symbolising an ear of wheat sweeping upward to the left, while the wooden pipes emerging from the great central triangle suggest the Holy Chalice. The instrument’s composition, with an expression box on the second keyboard, was designed for playing the widest possible repertoire. It is used as a teaching organ in the classes given by the Institute of Sacred Music as well as in the liturgy of the Catholic Institute. A concert is given once a month and the organ is regularly used during major musical events in Toulouse. When the organ was being built, the master glass-maker Henri Guérin placed new stained-glass in the chapel’s broad windows.

© Patrick Galibert
© Patrick Galibert


Institute Catholic’s organ (Chapelle Sainte-Claire chapel)

2 claviers et 27 registres

Grand Orgue
56 notes

Montre * 8’
Salicional 8’
Bourdon 8’
Prestant 4’
Flûte * 4’
Nazard * 2’ 2/3
Doublette 2’
Plein-jeu * II-V
Cymbale III
Cornet (Do#3) V
Trompette * 8’
Dulzian 8’

Récit expressif
56 notes

Diapason 8’
Bourdon harmonique 8’
Voce umana 8’
Montre 4’
Flûte 4’
Quarte 2’
Sesquialtera II
Basson-Hautbois 8’
Voix humaine 8’

30 notes

Soubasse 16’
Flûte 8’
Octave 4’
Basson 16’
Trompette 8’
Clairon 4’

Pédales de combinaisons

Tirasse G.O., Réc., Réc. 4’
Expression Réc.
Réc. / G.O.
Réc. / G.O. 16’

Annulation anti-secousses
Console en fenêtre
Mécanique à balanciers