Great Organ of the church Saint-Pierre des Chartreux

Robert Delaunay (1683), Jean-Baptiste Micot (1783); restoration by Gerhard Grenzing (1983)

The Great Organ of the church of Saint-Pierre des Chartreux originally belonged to the church of the Jacobin Convent.
It was built in the 17th/18th Century French classical style, with early tones, and variable temperament.
It can be used satisfactorily to perform 17th/18th Century French music, but other early music can also be adapted for it. The sounds it produces are clear and brilliant. It was restored by Gerhard Grenzing with its 17th/18th Century origins in mind and inaugurated on 29 October 1983 by Gaston Litaize.

The instrumental part of this Great Organ is a listed Historic Monument.


Great Organ of the church Saint-Pierre des Chartreux

2 claviers et 11 registres

I - Grand Orgue
54 notes

Bourdon 16’
Flûte à pavillon 8’
Kéraulophone 8’
Flûte octaviante 4’
Trompette 8’

II - Récit
54 notes

Bourdon harmonique 8’
Viole de gambe 8’
Voix céleste 8’
Dulciana 4’
Hautbois-Basson 8’

III - Pédalier
25 notes

Contre-Basse 16’
(fait parler le Bourdon 16’ du G.O. et un rang de 8’ en façade)

Pédales de combinaisons

Tirasse G.O.
Tirasse Réc.
Anches GO.
Anches Réc.
Réc. / G.O.
Trémolo Récit

Console retournée
Traction mécanique
Les deux claviers sont dans une unique boite expressive