Toulouse : City of the Organ

Toulouse is bestowed with one of the most resplendent collections of organs in Europe.

It includes many differing periods worth of contrasting instruments, a distinguished example being the grand Cavaillé-Coll of Saint-Sernin.

Its organs benefited from extensive restoration programme instigated Xavier Darasse in the 1970s. During the same period, instruments of high quality were built to complete the collection, notably the organ of the musée des Augustins, built in 1982 by German builder Jürgend Ahrend.

Music from all corners of the repertoire can be played in Toulouse; the 17th century Italians at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Bach and the northern baroque in the Église-musée des Augustins, Couperin and the French baroque and classical at the Église Saint-Pierre des Chartreux, and of course the great symphonic organ repertoire at Saint Sernin.
This unique and historical heritage attracts organists and other musicians from the world over.