Why support the festival ?

The International Festival Toulouse les Orgues welcomes around 12,000 visitors every year, all of whom have come to hear the exceptional instruments that grace Toulouse and the area. A significant proportion of the public (5 percent) come from abroad.

Midi-Pyrénées houses organ of all styles and periods - Baroque, romantic, symphonic - making this region a paradise of organs, one to draw both amateurs and experts, from all over the world. The Midi-Pyrénées region can count around 370 organs, amongst which around 60 are government protected "Monuments Historiques".

The festival was created to blow the dust off and bring to life this heritage, and to bring it to the largest public possible. It is the biggest gathering devoted to the organ in Europe.

Its renown contributes readily to Toulouse’s status as a destination for tourism.

In supporting the festival you are:

  • Working to spread the renown of a region
  • Supporting artistic excellence
  • Encouraging the share of artistic experiences

Become a sponsor, a partner or a friend of the International Festival Toulouse les Orgues : Financially support the festival events and creations, artistic encounters on a high-level and outreach work in tax-deductable donation or advertising campaigns during the festival.

Contact : mecenat(@)toulouse-les-orgues.org