Musical initiation workshops

Health and Culture

Since 2002, Toulouse les Orgues has run musical initiation workshops for children in institutions. In 2012 the new project “Les Colporteurs” (The Peddlars) has been created for the "Gérontopôle", a geriatric center in Toulouse’s hospital.

A - The music appreciation workshops for the students of l’Hôpital Saint-Joseph de la Grave and the Institut des Jeunes aveugles.

The sessions offer the opportunity to work together around the instruments. _ Conventional technical ability isn’t the interest of these sessions, rather an opportunity to build and develop ideas of personal interpretation and musicianship into the participants. Baptiste Genniaux doesn’t run these workshops in the manner of traditional music therapy, but rather as experiences of creative stimulation and above all, fun.

Baptiste Genniaux and the pupils meet once a week or once a fortnight. The pupils plays the instruments in pairs ; one at the manual, the other at the bellows!

These workshops have won over children, teaching staff and carers.

B - “The Coal Pedlars” : music and reading at the hospital The "Gérontopôle" and Toulouse les Orgues are in a partnership with “Les Colporteurs”, a project developed especially for the hospital.

This project takes place over two spheres : the practical, with the development of organ workshops ; and the artistic, with the representation of musical events. The project is overseen by the organist Baptiste Genniaux and the comedian Vincent Dubus.

The overall intention of this project is to spread message through creative means, to use music to stimulate a spectrum of emotions, to transform the hospital into a space of listening, discovery and exchange through music, and to bring the performing arts into the wards to surprise and rejuvenate.

To get the best out of these workshops, Toulouse les Orgues has had nine miniature organs made. These can be taken to pieces for transport and retain characteristics of the organ.