Organs on the move...

Our teaching instruments

Not everyone can come and see organs. But with us, it’s the organ that moves!
Toulouse les Orgues have had ten teaching instruments built. They are transportable and accessible for everyone.

These miniature organs

To hear a great organ way up in the loft is all very well, but to play the organ with no background in making music is extraordinary. To be perfectly adapted to these workshops, the organist Baptiste Genniaux and organ builder Jean Daldosse have devised very rudimentary instruments:

  • 1 manual with massive keys, to be played with one finger or the whole hand!
  • 2 bellows
  • 3 sonorities (either bourdon, trumpet or full organ) for 3 instruments

The Portative Organ

A more developed instrument has been created by Jean Daldosse to take to concerts where another couldn’t be taken. The organ is self-sufficient but portable. It will enable children and adults who can’t get to concerts in churches and museums to discover organ music and the workings of the instrument

The construction of this instrument was financed by Toulouse’s Ministry of Culture, Caisse d’Épargne Midi-Pyrénées and the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council.

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