At organ school,

to discover the organ: half instrument, half machine

Each year, 150 children are initiated to the world of the organ.

The programme is created to :

  • bring awareness to Toulouse’s organ heritage
  • understand the workings of the organ, half instrument, half machine
  • initiate children into a practical music making
  • discover the palette of sonorities and musical styles

Passeport for Art

Toulouse les Orgues participates in a cultural program set by The City of Toulouse of Toulouse. The objective is to provide free access for children to the artists, their works and the cultural sites of the city.

Step 1: Concert visit (1 hour)

Classes and their teachers are invited the discover the organ of Gesu’s church. This first encounter with the instrument and with the organist Baptiste Genniaux takes the form of a short concert. The children then climb up to the organ loft and converse with the organist to learn how the instrument works, what is it made of, etc.

Step 2 : Organ in the classrooms (1 hour)

Baptiste Genniaux comes to the pupils’ school with small portable organs, devised and created by Toulouse les Orgues. The pupils then learn, through music, the mechanics and sonic properties of the organ.

Step 3: Hands-on session (2 hours)

Baptiste Genniaux in classes again, accompanied by the small organs, for a practical session.

The concert visits

These encounters run by Baptiste Genniaux take the form of a short concert and chat between the pupils and the organist in the organ loft. The organist opens yhe organ case, shows the pipes, the various stops with the differents tones associated...
These could be adapted to groups of adults.

Contact :
+33 (0)5 61 33 76 80